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    DC Worts

    DC Worts

    Greetings! You’ve arrived at the website of Douglas Worts. Within this site, you will find a range of resources and discussions related to my career in museums, as well as my interests in culture, creativity, culture and sustainability.  There is also a link to material on my ancestors who were early industrialists in Toronto – during the early/middle 19th century. In addition there is a section on geothermal heating/cooling related to a project called “Green Laurier”.  This project was an exploration into the retrofitting of a heritage neighbourhood with geothermal heating/cooling.

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    Museums and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

    It has become a cliché that we live in an extraordinary time. Never before has humanity experienced so much change in so short a period – and the pace continues to quicken.

    A few years ago my aunt died at the age of 102. Aunt Elizabeth was born in 1909. In her lifetime she experienced the introduction and widespread adoption of countless revolutionizing social innovations including: radio, automobiles, air travel, television, safe x-rays, MRIs, robotics, space-travel, moon-landings, the internet, cell phones and so much more. Due to sheer circumstance, she happened to be born into a country and a family where she…


    About me

    Culture and Sustainability– culture’s foundational role in our unsustainable society and its potential to foster a sustainable, flourishing world.

    Selected English Publications (quelque titres en français)

    Museology– the potential of museums to be as culturally relevant as possible

    WorldViews Consulting – my consulting company

    Museums in the Winds of Change – A blog on how museums are adapting

    Environmental Translation Project – A resource linking environment to focuses, like culture, food, cities, and more

    Working Group on Museums & Sustainable Communities – A unique group of Canadian museum professionals

    The Whiskey Connection– my connection to 19th century distilling in Toronto

    Green Laurier – a project exploring the use of geothermal heating/cooling systems on a downtown Toronto street

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    “In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of.

    In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.”